Development Philosophy


Implementing the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" is a reliable guarantee for the sustainable development of the company and the continuous improvement of customer protection capability.



Fengrun insists on the innovation consciousness of continuous learning and continuous change to provide inexhaustible power for enterprise development

Management Innovation 


• Performance Excellence Management

• Strategic Performance Management
• Information System

• 6S Management
• EHS Management

Marketing Innovation


• Meet the demand for personalization
• Strengthen the marketing channels for large customers and large brands with certified access

Technological innovation

• Continuous technological innovation

• Vertical layout
• Particle size control      

• High efficiency dust collection
• In-furnace desulfurization



• Rationalization suggestion system

• Excellent staff selection
• Loyal staff

Partner Responsibility


Insist on creating value for customers, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and participate in market competition


Provide high quality products

Focus on quality management details
Establish internal customer quality acceptance mechanism


Provide quality services

Product application solutions
Satisfaction survey


Carry out responsible marketing

Strengthen quality control to ensure product safety
Provides true and unbiased information


Spirit of contract

Contractual and trustworthy
Do what you say


Create an open and win-win supply chain

Open supplier access channels

Support and cultivate supplier growth in various ways

Maintain fair competition in the supply chain

Promote suppliers to fulfill their social responsibility

Regularly rate suppliers.

Public Welfare Support


The company does not forget to repay the society in the process of development, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, consider supporting and participating in public welfare undertakings as their own responsibility, and contribute their share in donating to schools, helping the poor and rescuing the needy, etc., which has won wide praise from the society. 


Donation to Sanyuan District Education Development Promotion Association
Insist on long-term donations to poor students to complete their studies

Assisting the poor and helping the needy

The company and all employees donated money to help poor employee families
Donate money to participate in rural poverty alleviation construction

Public Sports

Sponsored 12 consecutive "Fengrun Cup" basketball tournaments from 1 to 2019

Caring for employees


Employees are the valuable assets of the company. The company insists on the management concept of "people-oriented, respect, trust and sharing", enhances the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees, and establishes employee welfare protection system according to the law



1. Fulfill corporate obligations in accordance with the law and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
2. Continuous improvement of performance management, employee incentives and welfare mechanisms.
3. Motivate employees to create and share the fruits of corporate development and continuously improve employee welfare.

4. Carry out the work of helping the poor and the weak, and establish the subsidy scheme for workers in difficulty, so that every employee can feel the warm care of the Fengrun family.

Green Development



Green is the symbol of life and the base color of nature. We adhere to clean production activities, promote green production methods, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce resource consumption, and achieve efficient, harmonious and sustainable development.


Implement dynamic management of employee health
Regular health check-ups
Labor protective equipment distribution and inspection


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